MiniRoos: Benefits of playing football

Kids getting ready for a season of MiniRoos action in 2020 are set to gain the numerous mental and physical benefits of being involved in a fun, team-oriented sporting environment. 

With a new MiniRoos season set to get underway this month, kids around the country who are preparing to join in on the action can expect to make new friends and learn valuable sporting and social skills whilst having fun and improving their physical health along the way.

Read on to find out all the benefits of joining the MiniRoos program for 2020.

COVID-19 thin play

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Working in a team environment

Being a part of a MiniRoos team will help children develop skills in teamwork and social cohesion; working with their teammates to achieve a common goal in a fun and friendly environment.

Building camaraderie within the team is easy in the fun learning environment of MiniRoos football, where all kids will see their teammates and peers become their friends as they meet and proceed to play alongside each other.


Having fun with friends

The most important part of MiniRoos football for children to have fun and be with friends.

Making new friendships and strengthening existing friendships is possible through football, where teammates are required to unite together to achieve a common goal.

Improvements in fitness and health

MiniRoos football has the potential to improve the fitness and health of children in both a physical and mental capacity.

Whilst improving cardiovascular endurance and flexibility through playing the game, kids will experience a boost in self-esteem being encouraged by fellow teammates, while receiving the opportunity to refine their problem-solving and leadership skills in the fun but constructive environment of MiniRoos football.

Getting friends involved

Kids who enjoy the MiniRoos program will undoubtedly wish to share the experience with their friends; encouraging their peers to join a team is a sure-fire way to both expand the MiniRoos football community whilst strengthening the bonds between teammates around the country.

So, get your friends and family involved in MiniRoos football to help them reap the rewards of the many physical, mental and social benefits of the program too!