COVID-19 Updates

Overview of Advanced Coaching Courses

advanced coaching courses


For FFA/AFC 'C' Licence and community coaching courses, please get into contact with your relevant state federation. 

Coaching Updates from COVID-19

Licence Revalidation:
ALL Advanced Licences will be extended to reflect the period of time that football has been suspended (i.e. 3 month suspension of football = 3 month extension of advanced licences).

Final Practical Assessment Timeline:
The two-year period coaches are given post-course to submit will also be extended to reflect the period of time that football has been suspended (i.e. 3 month suspension of football = 3 month extension of time to submit Final Practical Assessment).

For coaching courses to resume:

  • Large indoor gatherings must be permitted (Government)
  • For some courses, state borders will need to reopen for instructor travel (Government)
  • Full-contact training must be allowed (Member Federation)
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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get the latest updates on FFA Coach Development?

Follow our social media pages both on Facebook and Twitter for the most up-to-date information. 

When will I find out new dates for the coaching course I have enrolled for?

Our FFA Coach Development team is currently developing a road-map for the resumption of coaching courses which takes into account the various criteria needed to restart (outlined above) as well as aspects such as the scheduling of NPL seasons, international windows etc. to ensure that the planning of new course dates have minimal effect on your own coaching. We will be in contact with all coaches who have registered onto a course with more specific information.  

If I am unable to attend the new courses dates that are proposed, can I reschedule and attend a different course?

Yes this is certainly possible and if this is the case with you, please get into contact with to notify our team of this requirement. 

My FFA advanced coaching licence is due to expire at the end of this year, is it going to effect my enrollment on a course if new dates are scheduled when my licence is no longer valid?

No, your eligibility for a course is taken from the time you enrolled onto a course; as long as you have registered and paid for a course when your licence is valid, you are eligible to undertake the next course (i.e. valid 'C' Licence = successful enrollment to a 'B' Licence). Click HERE for more information on the licence revalidation process.

When will new courses be released?

Our immediate priority is resuming the coaching courses that have been postponed due to COVID-19 however our team are also working to provide extra course options towards the end of the year. As soon as they do become available and open for registrations, they will be shown HERE and also promoted via our FFA Coach Development social media channels.

If I have completed my course and need to submit my Final Practical Assessment, where do I send this to? 

If you have completed an FFA/AFC 'B' or 'A' Licence, please submit both your session plan and video through to . If you have completed an FFA/AFC 'C' Licence, please submit this to your relevant state federation that you completed your course with.

If I have already registered onto a course but no longer wish to complete it, can I get a refund?

For those who have registered onto a course and already submitted payment, please be reminded that the course will be RESCHEDULED and will not be cancelled. However, you are entitled to a full refund of your course fees should you no longer wish to undertake the course. If this is you, please get into contact with

If I am looking to get my overseas coaching licence recognised by the FFA, how can I do that?

You will need to complete a Form 9 - Recognition of Overseas Qualifications document where you will need to complete the form itself, include your overseas qualification CERTIFICATE and also a support letter from a club in Australia that you will be coaching with. Once this is completed, then please send through to to process accordingly. 

Are the FFA providing any development opportunities whilst coaching courses are postponed?

Yes, please have a look through our Coaching Resources page for various PD webinars, coaching interviews as well as numerous articles to read. Also with the return of football, we have developed several Rebooting Football Activities that adhere to the COVID-19 guidelines around the country.  

For any other questions or queries, please get into touch with our team at