Women's Football Legacy Plan

Dear Participants, families, and fans of the game,

I would like to invite you to play a role in shaping the future for women and girls in football here in Australia.

2017 marked a breakthrough year for Women’s Football and Women’s Sport more broadly. The Matildas reached new heights, by winning the Tournament of Nations, moving to number 4 in the World. Off the pitch the Matildas continued their winning ways, playing in front of sell-out crowds in both NSW and Victoria.

This momentum continued through to the 10th W-league, improved pay and conditions were achieved through the CBA in partnership with the PFA and the players, and the number of games broadcast increased dramatically. Finally we announced our intentions to bid for the Women’s World Cup in 2023.

This is the beginning of the journey as we continue to strive for Gender Equality in all areas of the game. To ensure that Football continues to build on this momentum, we will develop a long term plan for the Women’s game, which is bold and ambitious and assist with delivering an innovative legacy plan for the Women’s World Cup Bid.

In order to develop a long term plan, we must engage with all stakeholders, and create a platform for people to learn from each other and share ideas. The consultation process must be extensive and thorough, we will reach far and wide to speak to all of our experts in the game. The ideas generated will assist FFA to shape the future for women and girls involved in football here in Australia.

If true Gender Equality is to be realised in Football, we must be bold, we must take risks,
and we must work together.
Emma Highwood | Head of Community, Football Development and Women’s Football

In conjunction with the development of the Women's Football Legacy Plan, the surveys below have been created for the wider community to have their say in the development of Women's Football for the future. All surveys are available to be completed. We appreciate the time  taken to contribute your thoughts towards growing our game. 

Please follow the links below to complete the surveys:

Grassroots Participation Survey

Westfield Matildas and Westfield W - League Survey

Coaching Survey