Priceline Pharmacy says thanks to parents of the MiniRoos

Priceline Pharmacy has officially kicked off their national sponsorship of the MiniRoos program, as the official Health Partner. 

Their goal is to connect families in their local communities and as Australia’s favourite pharmacy retailer, Priceline is well-positioned to promote the benefits of a healthy and active lifestyle in these communities. 

Priceline wants to celebrate not just those on the field, but the off-the-field stars of the game; the Mums, Dads and the families who rally behind them.

To celebrate the kick-off of the sponsorship, Priceline Pharmacy have launched a short film centred on the story of a mum and her son. The film starts with a hero goal moment, showing a young boy kicking a big goal. The film then rewinds to tell the story of what goes into scoring a goal, with a focus on a mum and the profound impact she has on raising her boy in a healthy and happy environment. 

This film is a celebration of the power of mum and dad, reminding parents of the impact that they have on their children. 

Over the next few months, Priceline Pharmacy are continually building relationships at a local level, connecting local Priceline Pharmacy stores with local MiniRoos clubs. 

For more information about the Priceline Pharmacy and MiniRoos partnerships, please visit