Top seven ALDI MiniRoos rules you need to know

Have you stood on the touchline at your child’s football game and wondered why the referee has not awarded a corner, or failed to give offside?

Or are you new to the game and still not clear on how it all works?

Well, here at ALDI MiniRoos we have created your quick guide to the rules of the game for children in Australia.  To view the full rules & regulations document, click here

They are a modified version of the rules of the global game with the tweaks aimed to make it easier for youngsters to play.

And to give you a head start we have highlighted the top seven rules parents will want to know:

  1. Opposing players should be five metres away from the ball when the game restarts. This provides players with a chance to control the ball and start playing football.
  2. We don’t have goalkeepers until children start playing under 8’s football. When goalkeepers are used, they are not allowed to drop kick the ball from their hands. The best practice is to ask keepers to roll the ball to their team-mates.
  3. There are no offsides in ALDI MiniRoos football, but coaches should be encouraged to persuade players not to permanently stand in offside positions.
  4. There are no corner kicks for games involving Under 6 & Under 7 games but attacking teams will be awarded corners at older age groups.
  5. Indirect free-kicks are awarded for all fouls or handballs. Goals can’t be scored from an indirect free-kick unless the ball touches another player before it goes into the goal.
  6. Games up to the Under 9 age group last 20 minutes for each half. Children playing football at Under 10 or Under 11 will play 25 minute halves.
  7. Results are only recorded so teams are assigned to the appropriate leagues with the aim of reducing one-sided games. Results chart and tables at this age are not helpful in developing children’s love of the sport.