The passion for the women’s game and its steady growth demonstrates the vast untapped opportunities presented to the football community as a whole – to grow the game, to get more girls involved in it earlier, to keep more women in the game longer, and to further leverage the benefits of inclusion on and off the pitch. One of strategies identified to facilitate this positive change focuses on having club boards/committees with a minimum of 40% women, 40% men and the remaining 20% being discretionary depending on your organisations skill set and diversity needs. 

As is (it) stands, women are under-represented in all areas of the game from Grassroots Club Committees to the Football Australia Board. There is strong evidence which highlights that gender balance in key decision making roles increases the performance of boards. 

Football has traditionally been viewed as a male dominated sport in Australia, with 21% of the player base being female, and on average 23% board representation across state federations.

Female Football Administrator Actions Factsheet

Female Football Administrator Factsheet