Managing Your Registrations

This page has been designed to provide Club Registrars with information and tips across a range of grassroots football processes. These points/approaches have been provided by clubs themselves throughout the various feedback sessions and surveys that have been held after every registration period.

We want to share these with you, so that you may find ways to reduce your administration time too. Read through the areas below. Hopefully they give you some things to consider for this season or beyond.

Also, if you have any tips on these areas or more that other clubs may find useful, feel free to let us know!

All the best for the season ahead.

Self Registration 

This is where a player logs into MyFootballClub using their FFA number and password to register with the club of their choice for the coming season.

Clubs can still maintain control over who is registering for their club and when, by using the functionality in the package setup process. Clubs can set 'Valid From' and 'Valid To' dates, which means that people can only register between a specific period.  Once a player registers online, they are considered Pending, until you have given them the tick of approval.

When someone registers online, they do NOT need to complete a NRR03 Amateur Registration form, or an insurance form.

Overwhelming feedback from clubs has indicated that the more people you get to self-register, the more time you save doing administration. Last year, our survey results indicated nearly 95% of clubs opened Self Registration. Of the 5% who did not, 90% said that in 2017 they will open it to their players.

Clubs that have made use of the Player Registration Instruction Template (found in the Guides area), have been able to save themselves even more time. We cannot recommend how important this is for you and your players. By providing your players with instructions on how to register, they immediately know what to expect in the system, and where to go for help.

Online Payments 

By far and large, clubs that have used Self Registration and Online Payments have maximised their experience with MyFootballClub.

Online Payments is a facility in MyFootballClub that allows players to pay for their registration fees when they register online. Some of the main benefits include:

• Payments are deposited directly into the club’s bank account – no handling cash or cheques.
• FFA’s Online Payment Gateway is secure – it uses best practice security encryption and the provider is PSI compliant (Credit card industry standard)
• Payment details are integrated with MFC – no need to update each player registration record
• Reporting tool that allows you to view payments by individual, FFA number and invoice numbers

FFA have gathered feedback on Online Payments and made a number of enhancements to the Online Payments process, including:

• Streamlined Setup Process
• Removing set up costs – it no longer costs your club anything to offer online payments
• The ability to make all players pay online
• The ability to pass on or absorb the user’s Credit Card transaction fee

Managing your Registration Days

Self Registration and Online Payments should not take the place of face to face contact between players and clubs. This contact is important for many reasons for both parties. What has evolved in recent times is what actually occurs on a Registration Day.

We asked clubs exactly how they managed their Registration Days, and have developed an approach that we would recommend to all clubs wanting to reduce their administration time …

1. Email last season's players, welcoming them to the current season. 

2. In this email, include the dates of your Registration Day(s), and advise all players to register PRIOR to these dates. 

3. The night before/morning of your Registration Day, run the Registered Player - Full Details report to get a list of all people who have registered for your club so far. (You can also see who has/hasn’t paid online).

4. On the day itself, have two areas. One for people who have self-registered, one for people who haven’t.

5a. For the people who HAVE registered, have people set up to mark them off the report, take cash payment (if necessary) and give them any extra additional information (i.e about kits). 

5b. For the people who HAVE NOT registered, some clubs are lucky enough to have a couple of laptops set up with the Self Registration page open. Guide your players through the Self Registration so that they become familiar with it. Otherwise, PRINT OFF your Step by Step guide on how to register and let the player/parent do this at home. This will save the time you spend entering data, and the time people need to queue at your club. (Some clubs also take payment on the spot if necessary, and let the individual go home and complete the registration).