Club Coach Coordinator (CCC) Program


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Are you struggling with recruitment of quality coaches?

Do you experience these challenges at your club?

  • Coach recruitment, training and retention is often limited to anyone who volunteers
  • Parent coaches who are time poor and are unlikely to commit to the formal coaching courses
  • Sustaining a positive club culture that supports continued involvement of parents and players
  • Higher expectations being placed on coaches by parents

Football Australia believes that coach development should be:

Flexible – offering a range of learning opportunities to meet the needs of players and coaches

Accessible –support is available at a time, place and cost to meet specific needs of the coach

Inclusive – coach development is for EVERYONE

Recognised – coaches that implement positive coach behaviour should be recognised and valued

It is widely accepted that player retention is vital to any sport and club. Football Australia research shows that the main reason for players leaving our sport is poor coaching. Best practice suggests that “on the job” training provides optimum results and therefore delivery of coach education and support of coaches within the club environment would provide the best opportunities for coaches and positive experiences for young players. A minimum requirement is that the sessions are safe, organised, enjoyable and engaging; therefore support and feedback will predominantly focus on coaching behaviours.

It is important to also recognise that this is not expected to be an additional club position; merely a support role for new and inexperienced coaches and it is envisaged that a CCC will continue to coach whilst offering tips and hints at a time that fits within their coaching schedule.

CCC Role

The primary purpose of the role is to provide relevant and valued coach support in the club environment, and to monitor and mentor coaches to conduct appropriate quality football activities that will enhance the players’ and coaches’ experience.

Responsibilities of a CCC:

  1. Develop a positive club coaching culture.
  2. Promote inclusive practice within the coaching at the club.
  3. Promote the recruitment of women as coaches.
  4. Monitor and mentor club coaches and provide support based on their requirements.
  5. Ensure the coaches have access to appropriate resources and development opportunities.
  6. Present parents with relevant information at regular intervals.
  7. Liaise with Federation representatives and attend workshops in relation to the CCC role.


The CCC program is designed to be flexible to meet the needs of individual clubs and a key component is the selection of an appropriate CCC to achieve desired outcomes. Football Australia recommends that the following attributes are important when appointing a CCC:

  • Minimum 12-24 months coaching experience at Junior level
  • Well known and respected within the club
  • Basic understanding of the Football National Curriculum
  • Sound organisational skills
  • Well developed interpersonal skills, including empathy and caring qualities
  • An ability to think on their feet, be proactive


For resources and more information on the CCC Program click here