Registration Forms and Regulations

National Registration, Status and Transfer Regulations

The National Registration, Status and Transfer Regulations specify the regulations applicable for the conduct of football competitions and matches in Australia. In particular, the regulations regulate the eligibility, registration, contracting, payments, and loan transfer of players who enter into, participate in, and leave football in Australia.

The objectives of the National Registration, Status and Transfer Regulations are to:

  1. Promote, develop and protect the game of football in Australia in all its forms for participants of all abilities and skill; 
  2. Ensure football is regulated in a consistent and coordinated manner across the states, territories, districts, zones, and clubs; 
  3. Ensure young players and officials are adequately protected;
  4. Provide for the stability in the contractual relations between clubs and professional players; 
  5. Develop elite pathways and career paths for football players and officials within Australia; 
  6. Maximise the attractiveness of football and Australia’s international competitiveness in world football; and 
  7. Align the Australian registration system with FIFA Statutes and AFC Statutes.

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International Transfer Certificates 

2023 Guide to International Transfer Certificates

Registration Forms

Below are the various forms that are required to be completed by clubs and/or players for certain parts of the Registration process. These forms are not required to be completed by players who are are self-registering online.

NRR Amateur Form Guidance
NRR02 Registration of Football Club
NNR02B Change of Club Name or Logo
NRR04 Professional Player Registration
NRR05 Professional Player Contract
NRR07 Player Passport
NRR08 Cancellation of Amateur Registration
NRR10 Match Official Form
NRR11 Supplementary Registration