Licence Revalidation

As mandated in the AFC Coaching Convention, from 1st January 2019 all Football Australia Advanced Coaching Licences are valid (accredited) for three (3) consecutive years. New certificates will be issued for a three (3) year period, and existing certificates will be revalidated for three years when re-validation is due.

During this three-year period, coaches are required to gain 100 points of “Continued Professional Development” (CPD) to have their licence revalidated for a further three years. View all our upcoming CPD opportunities HERE

If at the end of the three-year accreditation period the coach has not accumulated the required number of points or attended the next level of Advanced licence, their current Advanced licence will no longer be valid and the coach will then be considered to have no current accreditation.

To view your accreditations and CPD events, please log in via the following link List my Courses & Qualifications (

CPD events will appear on your record as per the screenshot below –

CPD Points On Profile

As shown above, for points to be applied, you must be marked as 'completed'. Any events listed as 'enrolled' cannot have points applied.

Please note, actively coaching will not appear on the above record. As per the below table, coaching must be registered on Play Football. Only registrations listed as coach earn CPD points. 

Points can only be gained in the following ways- 

Completed a Football Australia Advanced coaching course100 CPD Points
Attended a Football Australia/Member Federation Coaching Conference30 CPD Points
Attended a Football Australia/Member Federation Coaching Workshop10 CPD Points
Coaching registered on PlayFootball. 10 CPD points per year. Maximum 30 CPD points per revalidation period.10 CPD Points
Lead facilitator on a Football Australia Advanced Coaching Course100 CPD Points
Support Facilitator on a Football Australia Advanced Coaching Course25 CPD Points
Lead Facilitator on a Football Australia Coaching Workshop25 CPD Points
Lead Facilitator on a Football Australia Talent ID Course50 CPD Points


Any queries regarding CPD please contact 

Please click on the documents below for more information:

Advanced Diploma Revalidation.pdf

Pro Diploma and Goalkeeping A Diploma Revalidation.pdf

What if I hold an overseas licence recognised by Football Australia?

Coaches will need to follow the revalidation process as set out by the issuing body. Football Australia cannot revalidate a licence issued overseas or extend the recognition period without the following process being completed.

You can have your overseas licence recognised by Football Australia by completing the following steps:

  1. Coaches will need to complete a Form 1 - Recognition of Coaching Competency application.  
  2. Complete the following supplementary application with supporting evidence Football Australia and AFC Recognition of Experience and Current Competence - Formstack.

For further information on Recognition of Coaching Competency please visit the following page (at the bottom) Frequently Asked Questions | Play Football

Football Coaches Australia (FCA) XV Essential Skills education and professional development program

Under the Football Coaches Australia (FCA) partnership with XVenture this series of online courses aim to develop the 'essential skills' of coaching - Leadership, Resilience, Culture, Communication Skills, Mental agility & Emotional Intelligence. This unique program is delivered completely online in a revolutionary virtual world environment designed to create a rich and engaging learning experience. It is filled with contemporary examples from football globally, as well as providing an overview of key research across 5 modules.

CPD Points: Australian coaches who complete modules will be credited with 30 CPD points for each module, and anyone who completes all five modules will receive Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) from our Australian University partner, University of Wollongong.


Football Victoria State Coaching Conference

Details below:

  • Where: La Trobe University, Bundoora Campus
  • When: Saturday, 16 December. 9AM-5PM
  • Cost: $200.00
  • CPD Points: 50 CPD Points for in-person attendance and completion of online modules.

Register here.

For further information and to register please click the following link Book your spot for the 2023 FV Coaching Conference on December 16 | Football Victoria

Football Australia CPD Weekly Workshops

As part of the coaching accrediation revalidation process, Football Australia hosted thirty (30) weekly online educational workshops throughout 2023. 

Completion of these workshops gave advanced diploma coaches 10 CPD points per workshop that can be used towards their revalidating their advanced coaching certificate.

These workshops concluded on November 20th, 2023.

For any queries, including confirming whether points have been awarded, please contact the Football Australia Technical Department via