Football Australia Learning Centre

Welcome to the Football Australia Learning Centre.

Here you will be able to access all your training, coaching course registrations and coaching resources including online modules and session plans.

Please access the Football Australia Learning Centre here.

Once you have landed on the log in page select the 'learner' log in option. From there you will be redirected to Play Football site where you will be able to use your Play Football username and password to sign in.

Coaches are required to have had an active PlayFootball registration (2023 or 2024) to gain access to the Football Australia Learning Centre. If you have not yet registered for the 2024 season or are not currently coaching, we have established learner clubs.

To register to these learner clubs, please select your appropriate club below or head to '' and search for 'Learner', select the relevant state you are located in, and proceed with the registration process. Once registered, please allow 6 hours to access the Football Australia Learning Centre again.

Learner Clubs

Support articles on how to register for these clubs can also be found online via the ‘Help Hub’ listed on PlayFootball.  

Coaches will be able to request support from the team via

Some coaches may be prevented from accessing the Football Australia Learning Centre as their email address is affiliated with several football accounts (for example, family members sharing one email to create multiple PlayFootball accounts, or one coach possesses multiple FA numbers).

When you try to enter the platform, you will receive the following error message "We are aware of an issue accessing certain accounts. We apologies for the inconvenience and we are working to resolve the issue."

If you receive this error message, please contact