Football is an inclusive sport that can be enjoyed by anyone, regardless of age, race, sex or ability.

The Football community is proud to offer a variety of participation opportunities to suit anyone.

This page aims to help connect people living with a physical and/or intellectual disability with the game and encourage active participation.

Simply select your region from options below to learn about how you can experience the World Game.

Member Federation Contacts

Football Victoria

Contact Information - Jason Charles
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Football New South Wales

Contact Information - Matt Rippon
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Capital Football

Contact Information - Merryn Brown
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Football Queensland

Contact Information - Brendon Boss
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Northern NSW Football

Contact Information - Pete Haynes
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Football West

Contact Information -
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Football Federation Northern Territory

Contact Administration on 08 8928 1006
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Football Federation South Australia

Contact Information - John Mundy
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Football Federation Tasmania

Contact Administration on 03 6273 3299
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