CPD Online Learning Hub

As part of the licence revalidation process, Football Australia Coach Development is promoting online learning opportunities for coaches to undertake as part of their Continued Professional Development (CPD). Completion of these PD workshops will give coaches 30 CPD points that can be used towards revalidating their advanced coaching licence as part of the requirement to gain 100 points in 3 years as per AFC Coaching Convention guidelines (of which Football Australia is a full member).


To attain these CPD points, you will need to register for the event via the "Find a Course" page provided below, complete the course, and then send your certificate of completion from the course to technical@ffa.com.au who will then be able to process this through for you.

FIND A COURSE HERE (under the 'course' tab, select "CPD Online Learning")


  • Exploring sport coaching and psychology

You will explore the influence of coaching and psychology through the lens of sports people and teams who have been successful. You will focus on coaching practices used with young people and adults, including research and advice of leaders in their fields

  • Learning from sport burnout and overtraining

You will study sports people who have experienced overtraining, which is often a pre-cursor to burnout, but who have successfully returned to later career success. By the end of the course you will also have a better understanding of your own work or training situation and the balance between physical and emotional stress and recovery.