MIKE COOPER - Coaching Course Instructor

Mike Cooper is an experienced FFA/AFC A Licence Instructor, he was previously the Technical Director at Newcastle Jets FC and currently serves as FFA International Coach Developer.


  • Husband and father of 2 young girls
  • Qualified Teacher and Football Coach
  • FFA Coach Educator for past 3 years
  • 14 years in full time football environments
  • Mixture of youth and senior experiences across all levels
  • Committed to learning and continued development of self
  • Inspired by seeing others develop and improve towards their goals


Feedback from coaches who have attended Mikes FFA Coach Education Courses..

“Michael provided me the support and guidance that allowed me the flexibility to thrive and express my football knowledge. This allowed me to combine the FFA framework with my ability to think outside the box, which empowered me to discover my own coaching style” A licence Coach and ex-porfessional footballer

“Mikes assistance and feedback for my assessment was awesome. He made the process clear and he gave me the confidence to deliver my sessions. Mikes feedback is extremely valuable as it gives me more to think about and use in the future” B licence Coach and NPL Technical Director

“Mike is an engaging presenter who has the ability to demand attention simply through intelligent and measured points and feedback. He asks thoughtful questions and challenged me to think creatively as possible whilst never dropping his expected standards. Any aspiring, or experienced coach would benefit from his guidance and support” B licence coach and NPL U18 coach

“Mike’s passion for Coaching Education, professionalism, pleasant personality and most important his wealth of knowledge made my recent experience on FFA A licence most rewarding. Clearly the standard of coaching post course by participants was significantly improved.” A licence coach and A league Academy Director

"Michael created a fantastic learning environment for our A Licence. Mike's ability to facilitate and simulate discussion really heightened my learning experience during the modules. His projection of empathy, understanding, guidance and care for what is a stressful and challenging situation for candidates was greatly appreciated” A licence coach and Coach Co-ordinator

“Through his respect for people on their journey through coaching. Mike is able to create an open and thoughtful environment, where candidates can share their knowledge and skills they will need for the challenges ahead” A licence coach and Senior Head Coach.