Rebooting Football Activities

Football is back! 

Following the National Cabinet's 3-step plan to move toward COVIDSafe communities, football is getting ready for the first whistle. 

Coaches and players are still required to adhere to ‘return to play’ guidelines for each state and territory.

View the guidelines for: 

Football Federation Australia, together with our Member Federations, have created 16 fun and simple activity ideas that adhere to the AIS Guidelines Level B to support the work of community coaches throughout Australia.

Here’s how it works

Have a look through these activities and see how you can create fun and stimulating training sessions that reflect the AIS and your state and territory guidelines. Get creative and improvise by creating your own training ideas to get your players excited to return to play our beautiful game.


View activities #1-4:

Football Tennis - Matildas
Westfield Matildas playing Football Tennis
  • Tekker's grid
  • Football tennis
  • Shooting relay
  • Cross the mines


View activities #5-8: 

Take on Exercise
Learn the skills to take on players
  • Build up
  • Zig-zag
  • Take it on
  • Split the gap


View activities #9-12: 

First Touch Exercise
First touch is key
  • First touch grid
  • Football marbles
  • Relays with the ball
  • Through the lines

View activities #13-16: 

Raceway to Score
A competitive small sided game to bragging rights
  • Raceway to score!
  • In the mixer
  • Combinations
  • Turn and go