Walking Football Testimonials

“Its football but its slowed right down on a smaller pitch and with people who are there for the same reasons as you. When you get out there and try it, you’ll get the bug for it and you’ll want to play too! I thought I might meet people and get friendly and talk about football at football, but I didn’t think we would take it beyond the football pitch. We’ve taken it into our social lives and seen each other outside of football, its superb!” – Bob Kerr, Brisbane Walking Football Player.

Socially I’ve met good people who either love the sport and have played competitively in the past or, who enjoy fitness and a community connection. First timers learn from the better players. We have a lot of laughs and look forward to our weekly games. I can do an extra 3000 steps in an otherwise sedentary day!
Judith Handel, NWSF Walking Football Player

My first ever game of football at 62 years old.Just love the format and social side of playing with and against great people. LOVE IT!!” 
–  Greg Buck, 62- Brisbane Walking Football Player

“Walking Football has given a lot of people and opportunity the play forever, it literally is Forever Football, there is no reason I will ever stop playing this game” – Lee Pepper, NWSF Walking Football Player

Had my first game on Sunday. Great friendly people. It may be called Walking Football, but you have to try it a total workout. Great for aerobics and balance.
Geoff Steadman, 70, Brisbane Walking Football Player

After years of not being playing, its just marvellous being involved and keeping active. What a great idea!
Gordon Wilson, 67, Brisbane Walking Football Player

“Walking Football is so much fun! If I had known about this sooner I would have been playing 5 years ago, it’s a really great way to stay in the game”. – Richard Davies, NWSF Walking Football Player

My football career came to end with knee trouble and an eventual knee replacement. Walking Football has given me the opportunity to continue playing in my 60's and hopefully later. I have met new friends, encouraged others to join and improved my health and well being. We play mixed and I enjoy encouraging and helping others improve their game. It can cater for all abilities and gives the opportunity to hang out together after the game.”
Gordon Bromhead, NWSF Walking Football Player

“In just 12 months NWSF have seen 50 people return to playing the game they love, Over 20 people have played for the first time and a number of others who will now continue to play because Walking Football. The game of football is constantly developing and changing to facilitate all levels of capabilities, Walking Football is just another fantastic example of why football is Australia’s Largest Participated sport.” – Nikki Riddle, North West Sydney Football Competitions Coordinator