Here at MiniRoos we understand your daughter may not want to play football with the boys. We appreciate she may just want to have fun with her friends when she gets a ball at her feet.

That is why we designed the perfect pathway for girls to get into football - a program that allows them to share smiles with their friends and learn how to play one of the world’s safest sports.

The For Girls program offers two ways to start a sport that will keep your daughter active and engaged and give her the opportunity to build confidence and develop her social skills.

The two pathways are:

MiniRoos Kick-Off For Girls Programs

This is an introductory program to football. The weekly sessions allow young girls to build confidence while learning the basic skills of the game without the added pressure of performing in games against other teams. Parents can search for Girls Only sites using the advanced search feature in the program locator.


MiniRoos Club Football

Girls can join Girl's teams with friends their own age and play against other Girl's teams.

Alternatively, girls can play in mixed teams and competitions if this is of interest to them.

Parents can search for a suitable club by using the club finder.

Ready to sign up?

Search for For Girls sites using the advanced search feature in the MiniRoos Kick-Off program locator.

If you are having trouble using the Find a Place to Play button, please call 02 8020 4199. The opening hours are:

Monday to Friday: Midday until 9pm AEDT

Saturday: 10am until 2pm AEDT