What is MiniRoos?

Miniroos Kick Off is a fun, introductory program taught in a supportive environment for boys and girls aged between 4 and 11 years old.

The aim of the program is to spark the love of football for children through play in an engaging and inclusive environment. The format consists of weekly sessions that build skills through exciting progressive games and activities with a focus on fundamental movement skills this information pack.

How is MiniRoos Kick Off different from MiniRoos Club?

MiniRoos Club Football is the next step of the development pathway! Miniroos Club uses small sided football games (4v4, 7v7 & 9v9) rather than the traditional 11v11 format to cater to 4-11 year olds.

The smaller fields, modified rules and fewer players mean a more enjoyable game with more opportunities to touch the ball and more opportunities to score goals.

What are the benefits of a MiniRoos Kick Off program for children?

The shorter session times and program length facilitates an ideal introduction to football for new and developing participants.

Benefits include:

  • Fun, football game-based sessions that build fundamental motor skills;
  • Non-competitive activities to improve confidence and self-esteem;
  • Low participant-to-coach ratio resulting in greater individual engagement;
  • Experience the football basics before progressing to MiniRoos Club Football;
  • Each child that participates in the Miniroos Kick Off Program will receive a participant pack that includes a MiniRoos Shirt, Miniroos Football and a Miniroos Certificate.
What support will be club receive from Football Australia?

A deliverer equipment pack including:

  • 2 x Miniroos Pop up goals
  • 10 x Miniroos Footballs
  • 1 x Miniroos Ball Carry Bag
  • 10 x Miniroos Coloured Bibs
  • 12 x Miniroos Coloured Cones

Support from the Junior Program Officer in the relevant state

Junior Program Officers in each state are employed by Football Australia to be your go-to contact for all things Miniroos! The Junior Program Officers can assist you with all resources, advertising, program set up, registrations and equipment, plus will come to your site to ensure your Miniroos Kick Off Program is running smoothly. All resources for the Miniroos Kick Off Program will be provided to the Program Manager for use. These resources include:

A Miniroos Digital Toolkit containing;

  • Advertisement and promotional materials – Posters, flyers, social media templates
  • Miniroos Logo Suite
  • Miniroos Imagery and Video content
  • Miniroos Activity Session Guide
  • Parent Information Pack
  • Miniroos Formats and Playing Guides

Miniroos Program Manager Guide

What support will be club receive from the Member Federation?

The Member Federation provides support by offering a FREE MiniRoos coaching certificate. Click here to find the next course in your area.

What is the breakdown of the price of the registration?

Football Australia - $30 component. This covers the cost of the Site Deliverer Kit, each child’s Participant Pack, program insurance, the digital toolkit resources plus the service support provided by state Junior Program Officers.

Member Federation - $5 component. This covers the cost that goes towards the free MiniRoos coaching certificate.

Club fee – any additional costs include the club component of the fee. This covers facility hire, coach payments etc.

What is included in the participant pack?

Each participant pack includes a MiniRoos shirt, MiniRoos ball and a MiniRoos certificate.

When will I receive my participant pack?

Your participant pack will be dispatched from our warehouse 7 days after your registration and you will then need to allow 2-6 business days from Auspost.

What happens if it has been 3 weeks and I still haven’t received my participant pack?

Please contact your MiniRoos State Program Officer and we will look into this for you ASAP. Click to find the contact details.

What is the refund policy?

To be eligible for a refund of all or part of the Governing Body Fee, you must complete the Refund Form no later than seven (7) days after the payment of the registration. Football Australia may withhold from any refund of the Governing Body Fee, any portion of the Governing Body Fee that relates to a participant pack already distributed to you (if applicable).

To be eligible for a refund of all or part of the Program Fee, you must notify the Program Administrator in writing that you wish to cancel the Player’s registration in the Program no later than 10 days after the start of the Program (subject to Program duration). The amount of the Program Fee refund given will be determined in accordance with the Program Administrator’s refund policy, taking into consideration program expenses and administration fees. Football Australia is not responsible for determining a refund of the Program Fee.

How do I know what shirt size for my child?

Please use the table below to order the correct shirt size for your child.

Size Specifications

Size 4 Size 6 Size 8  Size 10 Size 12 Size 14 Size 16
1/2 Chest Width .2cm Below 38cm 40cm 42cm 44cm 46cm 48cm 50cm
Back Length (FM HPS) 51cm 54cm 57cm 60cm 63cm 66cm 69cm


What if my child’s shirt size is wrong?

The participant shirt size indicated in the registration is final. No exchanges of sizes will be accepted except as required by Australian Consumer Law.

What if no programs are currently running in my area?

Please email us at miniroos@footballaustralia.com.au and let us know your suburb and we will let you know of any programs coming up.

How do I set up a program as a club?
  1. Complete the MiniRoos Kick Off Application Form
  2. Your State based Junior Program Officer will be in contact with the next steps
What are some exclusive club benefits for being part of MiniRoos Kick Off?

Opportunity to be involved at activities such as Little Legends Lap, Half Time Heroes or mascots and walk out with the players at a National Team game or an Australian Cup final!

How many deliverer kits will the club receive?

The club will receive a deliverer kit on the ratio of 1 for every 20 kids on an annual basis with a maximum amount of 3 deliverer kits per calendar year. The club is encouraged to look after these and not throw them out at the end of the program.

How can I see who has registered and paid for the program?

Your MiniRoos State Program Officer can provide these reports on your behalf. We can also assist in training with the MiniRoos Program Manager to pull these reports independently.

Who runs MiniRoos Kick Off?

A MiniRoos Kick Off program can be run by the local club or as a hub by Football Australia.