At what age does my child qualify for MiniRoos?

Boys and girls must be  4 years old to be eligible to register for the Kick-Off Program or must be turning 5 at any time during the calendar year to be eligible to register for Club football.

What do I do if I cannot find an MiniRoos Kick-Off program in my area?

If you have searched for a place to play and cannot find a suitable program in your area please complete the MiniRoos Participant Expression Of Interest Form.  Your Member Federation will contact you when one becomes available.

How will my children learn to play 11 v 11 if they are playing MiniRoos?

The progression through the MiniRoos formats of 4v4, 7v7 and 9v9 is a sound educational method and process to ready your child to play 11v11. The progression helps players discover the differences in the size of the field and size of the goal and the benefits of having more space.  It also helps children to learn to use different and well-developed techniques to play a more tactical game, as well as assisting them in understanding the role of different positions and determining what best suits them. 

Why no goalkeepers until under 8s?

The role of the goalkeeper in football is uniquely specialised and typically players develop as goalkeepers at a later age. In the youngest age groups, keepers can be uninvolved in the game for long periods, which can be uninteresting and sometimes means they do not feel part of the team.

Will a club need a lot of equipment for MiniRoos?

Equipment will not be a barrier for clubs to conduct MiniRoos. Whilst the use of goals is ideal, there is no need to purchase new goals should your club not wish to or be able to. In the first instance, many clubs have used markers or poles both as goals and to set out the field and have found that it has worked really well in the younger age groups, at minimal cost.

Do other countries play modified football?

The modified version of football is played and endorsed throughout England, Ireland, The Netherlands, Scotland, Germany, France, Korea Republic and the USA to name a few, and is not a new concept.