Five tips for the football off season

The football off-season is here for most participants around the country, but that doesn't mean things should stop!

We've put together a quick list below to ensure your children make the most of their break before football begins again in 2021. 

1. Stay active

It's so important to just ensure your kids remain active over the summer.

Without the structure that school and football provides, it's easy to to fall into unhealthy habits during the warmer months. 

Locking in 30-60 minutes a day to do something, whether its go for a walk, head down to the park, go for a bike ride, or just run around the backyard, should be a main focus. 

2. Eat well 

As well as losing key periods like recess and play time, summer is also a period where it's easy to develop unhealthy eating habits.

Locking in a weekly food schedule and planning ahead is important to stay on top of healthy eating, and ensuring there's no last-minute scrambling. 

3. Set up a backyard/park routine

An easy way to keep football in your kids' daily routine is to create a football set-up in your backyard or park. 

It can be as easy as setting up some cones or a small goal, or you could turn it into a creative project like below! 

Backyard pitch

4. Support an A-League and/or Westfield W-League team

If you haven't got a team already, now is the perfect time to support an A-League and/or a Westfield W-League team!

The new seasons will kick off on December 27, so there will be plenty of football to watch over the Christmas and New Years period! 

A-League memberships
Westfield W-League memberships 

5. Practice using the Skills Hub

Lastly, but one of the best resources to use over this period, are the lessons via our Skills Hub.

There are a number of skills and challenges to practice and recreate to ensure your kids are making the most of their time with a football at their feet!