Would you like to know how to bond with your child over their weekly game of football, and how you can sail through those frustrating moments at the match?

Well, ALDI MiniRoos has all the answers on one page for you thanks to our partnership with ALDI and Sport Parenting Expert Dr Sam Elliott from Flinders University.

Dr Sam has close to a decade’s experience of research work into how parents can best interact with their children to encourage a positive sporting experience.

In the series of videos below he outlines how you can provide a supportive role to your child as they get to grips with the game.

He also offers tips on how to be the perfect touchline supporter as well as exploring the benefits for your child of getting involved in football at your local club.

Parental Feedback

Dr Sam talks about goal-setting with your child to ensure you provide supportive feedback around their football experience.



Dr Sam explains how validating your child’s experience by volunteering at their local club can encourage them to keep playing football.


Match Day Behaviour

Dr Sam provides expert advice on how to cope with stress triggers when watching your child play, to ensure your touchline behaviour makes your child proud.


Who is Dr Sam Elliott?

Dr Sam Elliot image


Dr Sam Elliott is an early career researcher and lecturer in Sport, Health and Physical Activity in the College of Education, Psychology and Social Work at Flinders University.

He is an active member of the Sport, Health, Activity, Performance and Exercise (SHAPE) Research Centre and has been an invited reviewer for ten international journals. 

His research and supervisory interests surround the social, psychological and pedagogical dimensions of youth sport and sport parenting, and he has published 23 peer-reviewed outputs. 

Sam has published widely on issues relating to parent behaviour in youth sport and presented his work internationally in China, Canada and the US. 

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