Referee/MiniRoos - Game Leader Qualifications

Referees are an essential requirement for any game of football.

Clubs should be actively seeking ways to increase the number of referees and participate in their development.

MiniRoos - Game Leader

Each game is to be controlled by one Game Leader. The main role of the Game Leader is to keep the game moving fluently, limit stoppages and assist players with all match restarts. Most importantly, they must make every effort to create an environment that ensures that all players have fun, are learning the game and have maximum involvement.

The Game Leader can be a club official, parent, older child/player or beginner referee and should always be enthusiastic and approachable. Most importantly, remember the children are learning the game – be flexible and patient.

The Game Leader should:

  • Encourage all children to have fun and different children to take re-starts;
  • Ensure the correct number of players are on the field;
  • Discourage players from permanently over-guarding the goal;
  • Check all players are wearing shin guards;
  • Use a “Ready, Set, Go” prompt to encourage quick decisions when restarting play;
  • Encourage children to dribble or pass ball to team mates rather than kick the ball long;
  • Ensure the opposing team is at least 5 metres outside the penalty area for all goal line restarts;
  • Ensure team officials and parents create a safe, enjoyable and positive playing environment for the children;
  • Encourage children to be involved in all aspects of the game, attacking and defending;
  • Award free kicks as appropriate to help children learn the rules and consequences of committing fouls;
  • Explain the rules to players and why a free kick has been awarded;
  • Let the game flow and give instruction to all players on the run where you can;
  • Praise and encourage both teams; and
  • Be enthusiastic and approachable. 
  • Game Leaders are encouraged to undertake a free MiniRoos Certificate prior to start of the season.

For more information on how to become a Game Leader please speak to  your local Club Coordinator.

MiniRoos - Playing Format and Rules