A website is the shop front to the world for a Club.  It is essential that a Club keeps its website relevant with the most up-to-date information available.  Members will continually refer to your website for the latest information on any aspect of a Football Club.  The more information your have on your website, the more informed your members will be.

Calendar of Events

An annual calendar of events that is published each year helps members plan around their busy lives.  

The calendar should be placed on the Clubs website, via e-mail, social media, etc... to help remind members of up coming events.  Events could include, finals days, presentation nights, trivia nights, coaching workshops, learning opportunities, A-League games, meeting dates, etc...


Newsletters are a great avenue to convey information to a Clubs members. 

Newsletter can be in hard copy or electronic.  The most professional and cost effect way to provide a newsletter to a Clubs members is an electronic version.  A club should have e-mail addressed of all members and should be able to distribute a newsletter on a regular basis.  Newsletters can be used to convey upcoming dates, recognise sponsors, circulate match reports, match clips, coaching workshops and learning opportunities with the relevant Football Australia coaching resources.  It is important to generate up-to-date content relevant to the audience to are mailing.  


Social Media

Football Australia acknowledge the emergence of new technology and communication mediums (Social Media), and wish to enable such Social Media to be used to benefit football and its participants, and to applaud achievements.

However, participants within football need to be mindful of the possibility of Social Media being used inappropriately.

Inappropriate use may occur unintentionally or when participants do not realise that their comments, once published are in a public forum, and are difficult to retract.

The Football Australia Member Protection Policy provides guidelines as to what is and is not acceptable on Social Media.

Football Australia - National Member Protection Policy

Examples of Member Federation Social Media Policies

Football NSW

Football Victoria

Free On-Line Training




There are many different free Apps available for a Football Club.

It is best to contact your competition administrator to see if competition details can be featured through any form of App.  

This will increase your Clubs ability to communicate scheduling of matches, results and tables, in addition to other more direct team based communication like registration information, training and events.

My Game Guru



The media at the local levels is a very powerful tool for Clubs.  

Managed properly, it can help promote the Club, members, fundraising events, sponsors and the Football itself.  Having a relationships in local media can also help mitigate negative stories when they present themselves.  Having one spokesperson for the Club who is across all aspects is always the most effective way.  It is also acknowledged that many areas of the Country will not have access to local media.