Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders

Football Australia acknowledges the Indigenous Australians are the Traditional Custodians of this land that have been practising culture for over 60,000 years.  

Football is fortunate to be played across this great land with a considerable number of Indigenous Australians participating– estimated to over 40,000 in 2017. Harry Williams was first Indigenous Socceroos player and in 1974 was also a member of the first Australian team to play at a FIFA World Cup. 

Since Williams, a host of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander soccer players have made their mark on the game, including A-League and Socceroos star and Olympian Jade North, Matildas goalkeeper Lydia Williams, Kyah Simon, Travis Dodd, James Brown, Jada Whyman and Allira Toby. 

There are several member federations, clubs and organisations committed to providing pathways and programs for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. These program aim to support better access and pathways to our game as well as greater health outcomes for Indigenous Australians. If your club would like to learn more about engaging with the Indigenous community please see the following contacts 

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