All Abilities

Football is the most popular team sport in the world. Anyone can enjoy kicking a football in their backyard, at the local park, at school or at their local club. It is a fun and exciting game that can be played socially with family and friends or competitively against organised teams. There are many modified versions of the sport that cater for players of different abilities.  

All Abilities Football is an inclusive approach to football, which has been adopted by various affiliated Member Federations and clubs across Australia. There are a range of programs which cater for the All Abilities community. These include - 

7-a-side football – for footballers with Cerebal Palsy, Acquired Brain Injuries and those with stroke related impairments. It is co-ordinated under the International Federation of Associate Football (FIFA) rules with slight modifications. Further information on classification can be found here: 7-a-side Football Classification. 

Blind and vision impaired football - Blind football is played by athletes who are blind or vision impaired and played with an audible ball which makes a rattling noise. There are two formats of the game, blind football (B1) and vision impaired/partially sighted football (B2/B3). 

Powerchair Football - Wheelchair Football provides people with physical and multiple disabilities the opportunity to compete in a team sport and is open to anyone who uses a wheelchair – electric or manual, independently or assisted. Players are able to have support on court if needed to push their chair and can use their feet to kick the ball or their chair to propel the ball forward. More information available Click here.

Inter school Football - Football is now a regular fixture in inter school sport for many Special Schools. Contact your state Member Federation to learn about what programs are running in your area.   

The Football community is proud to offer a variety of participation opportunities to suit anyone. 

This page aims to help connect people living with a physical and/or intellectual disability with the game and encourage active participation. 

Football NSW run a very successful All Abilities Program and is a great case study for all Clubs. 

Football NSW - Football4all

Simply click the link below to learn about how others states are providing programs and support so everyone can play the world game. 

Football Victoria 

Football Queensland

Sporting Wheelies and Disabled Association - Football

Football West 

Northern NSW Football

Capital Football

At the elite level, football is proud of the Pararoos team. The Pararoos are a National Football Team competing in international 7-a-side competitions held for athletes with cerebral palsy, acquired brain injury or symptoms acquired from stroke.