Get your MiniRoos Certificate

Coaching kids as an MiniRoos Program Leader is easier than you think.

It’s not all about spending hours working on technical drills and tactics. It is simply about putting a smile on the face of kids out on the pitch.

You certainly don’t need to be an expert to teach Australian kids how to have fun with a football. 

MiniRoos is all about keeping kids engaged by playing enjoyable games in a safe environment.

Like most junior sports, football needs volunteers to put their hand up and help out so little ones can have fun.

But there are also opportunities for current players to give back to the game and earn some cash by helping out.

So why not get involved. Visit our website by clicking here to learn more about the FREE three-hour MiniRoos Certificate course.

Benefits to parents

  • Contribute to the running of your local club
  • Put a smile on your son or daughters face
  • Be part of Australia’s biggest participation sport
  • Gain the satisfaction of helping kids develop important physical and social skills
  • Help your community develop well balanced kids
  • Help from the FFA.

Benefits to aspiring coaches 

  • Begin your coaching journey
  • Earn money through coaching
  • Gain experience and skills that will boost your career prospects
  • Have fun in your free time
  • Help your local community


The MiniRoos Certificate is the perfect way to get up to speed with coaching MiniRoos footballers.

On this FREE three-hour course you will…

  • Learn practical and fun games to engage kids in football
  • Re-inforce Get to know the basic rules of the game
  • Organise a safe playing experience and help kids fall in love with the game

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