Strategic Plan

One of the themes within the National Club Development Plan is ‘Future Planning’. This theme relates directly to the outcomes that would be achieved through a club formulating a Club Development Plan. The Framework document below, along with the Club Development Plan Template is designed to assist your club in formulating that Club Development Plan.

A Club Development Plan (like a Strategic or Business Plan in a corporate setting) is a key development tool in planning for your club’s future. Any football club that is serious about sustainability and future development must have a blueprint that shows the direction that it wishes to take. 

The process of putting together a Club Development Plan is ongoing. It involves regular evaluation and discussion by the decision makers at the club. This is not a document that can be completed by just one person in a short amount of time. The ideal way for a club to create one is for the entire committee to be involved. The finished product will show a breakdown of each Key Priority Area (KPA) and:

a)    Provide a snapshot of where your club currently relates to that KPA;
b)    Outline a series of achievable goals;
c)    Detail a list of actions that will help the club to reach those goals. 

There are many topics that could be included in a Club Development Plan. Football Australia has provided twelve that are essential. These are depicted as KPAs and are below. 

Club Development KPAs
1. Club Vision and Mission
2. Player Retention and Growth
3. Volunteer Development
4. Partnership Development
5. Creating a Welcoming Environment for all
6. Promoting Positive Behaviour
7. Communication and Marketing
8. Coach Development
9. Safety and Risk Management
10. Facility Development
11. Creating Recreational Opportunities
12. Developing Match Officials

Club Development - Framework

Club Development - Template

Club Development - Sample

Football Victoria - Developing your Clubs Strategic Plan

Generating a documented Strategic/Development Plan for your Club, can assist in galvanizing the members of a football club and strive to achieve their Vision and Mission.

Further guidance, information and templates can be found at Sport Australia and the NSW Office of Sport.

Sport Australia

NSW Office of Sport