Position Descriptions

Football Clubs should endevour to generate detailed position descriptions for the each role held at the Club.

Position descriptions provide the core features for each member of the Committee.  It keeps each member on task and helps with the recruit of new Committee Members.

This will provide both paid and or voluntary staff to have:

  • A clear list of tasks and direction for their role
  • An indication of the time required to complete the tasks required
  • A written commitment to the Club
  • A list of essential skills required to complete the job
  • A notation of who the position reports to

These job descriptions can be adjusted as per the needs of the Club and as circumstance change and are aligned with a Club strategic plan.

What Committees can do (Play By The Rules)

Some templates are provided below for you to adapt to suit your Club.




Publicity Officer

Club Coach Coordinator

MiniRoos Coordinator

Team Manager

General Committee Member

Member Protection Information Officer