Facilities Audit

Local clubs and communities across NSW are about to benefit from the most comprehensive analysis of football facilities and pitches to support the overwhelming growth in demand for the game.

The 2018 Football Facilities Audit is a collaborative venture between Football NSW, Northern NSW Football and Capital Football. It is designed to establish what facilities the sport currently utilises and in turn identify the needs of the game going forward. The Audit will capture the most up to date set of facilities data from 1,200 distinct venues and an estimated 1,600 pitches.

In terms of the national landscape, the 2018 Football Facilities Audit will be the starting point for developing strategic facility investment in each State and Territory for Football Federation Australia. The last such audit was conducted in 2010 as part of Australia’s FIFA World Cup Bid.

The 2018 Football Facilities Audit will be the catalyst for Football NSW to help sustain the current trends and support the increase in participation. Improving the quality of a playing field, providing floodlights that allow night games and additional training, and change room facilities that cater for both men and women are important steps in improving the overall player experience in safe and conducive environments.

Providing a current list of requests for upgrades and new facilities to your Governing body will increase your chances of funding and support.

Football NSW, Northern NSW Football and Capital Football - Facilities Audit