Your Club canteen should ensure that it meets the standards set by Local Council to ensure all food safety standards are met.

Canteens, kiosks and BBQs are a major source of activity at most sports clubs. For spectator, member and volunteer health and safety, it's important clubs handle, store, transport and display food to the highest standards.  

Clubs may also need to meet obligations under Australian and State Government food safety standards.

Office of Sport NSW - Food Safety

Sporting clubs across the country are leading the way when it comes to promoting physical fitness. Clubs are in the unique position to further their positive influence by promoting and providing healthy food and drink choices for their members and community alike. Physical activity and healthy eating go hand-in-hand for healthy bodies and peak performance – a win for the community and for the team!

By providing healthy food in-line with our national evidence-based dietary guidelines, your canteen can contribute to the nutritionally adequate diet that everyone can benefit from.  Serious competitors and dedicated social players all the way through to our children in junior competition, need a healthy diet to perform at their best.

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