Synthetic & Natural Turf

Football is the biggest participant sport in Australia, with more registered players than all the other football codes combined, and one of the few organised sports which continues to grow. It can be played by anyone from under 5 to 75 and embraces multi-culturalism like no other sport.

Football extends far beyond the elite level as the sport has significant health, economic and social benefits for the entire community.

Member Federations play a key role in Football Australia’s plan to be the number one national sport in 20 years by maintaining a safe and secure environment for all who want to play football and nurturing the prospects of the sport in partnership with member associations and clubs, all levels of government and other stakeholders.

It is Football’s responsibility to provide adequate spaces to play and meet the ongoing challenges of ensuring there are sufficient facilities to meet growing demand. That requires a robust strategy of maintaining quality playing fields, developing new playing surfaces, managing existing infrastructure and establishing new facilities such as change rooms and clubhouses for all footballers, particularly females who now make up a quarter of all players.

With that in mind Football NSW has now produced a number of Facilities Guides, building on our strategy to deliver sustainable and vibrant football facilities into the future.

It’s another valuable resource that will continue to strengthen partnerships and shape our approach to developing football infrastructure and the services it provides.

Football NSW and Northern NSW Football - A Guide to Synthetic Surfaces for Football

Football NSW and Northern NSW Football - Grass Field Maintenance

Football Victoria - The Smart Guide to Synthetic Football Fields