Female Coaching

Good communication with girls is critical, and the social aspect cannot be ignored. Being allowed to play with your friends, feeling welcomed and part of the club, and supported by good coaches will help player retention. Although there is a huge social aspect to the girls/women’s game, they are genuinely competitive and take their game seriously. - Karen Wills

When coaching females, regardless of whether the coach is male or female, trust, respect and effective communication is the key to a positive experience for all involved. This will happen when the coach’s behaviour is: 
•    Consistent, regardless of the situation 
•    Mature, showing that the coach respects the player 
•    Transparent with a clear decision making process

The Women's Football Development Guide (Page 50 to 72) will help your club be a more attractive organisation for coaches (male and female) as well as understanding the benefits of having female dedicated coaches.

There is an overview of opportunities available as a coach, the different types of coaches and their characteristics and potential career progression.

This guide will also provide you with tips and strategies for recruiting and retaining coaches of females and female coaches, as well as an insight into community and elite level coaches.

Women's Football Development Guide

Developing Female Coaches

Female Football Fact Sheet - Coaches