Promotion of Female Football

It is very clear that women and girls constitute an enormous growth opportunity for football and the Football Australia has committed to reaching 50/50 representation at the grassroots.  

In 2018 21% of the player base is female, which equates to 139,000 women and girls playing in structured, affiliated football.

Females remain under-represented in sport – both on and off the field – in participation, media coverage and leadership positions. Raising awareness of the important roles females play in sport will help to change attitudes and beliefs. Football is seeking to increase positive attitudes towards gender equality in our game, increase participation levels of women and girls and communicate the benefits of gender equality for all.

The benefits of being a Female-Friendly Club include the ability to attract:
•    More members, supporters and volunteers 
•    More players 
•    Diversification, leading to better decision-making
•    Wider sponsorship and fundraising appeal
•    More-appealing social atmosphere
•    More opportunities for publicity and promotion of how women are involved in your club

Within the Women's Football Development Guide, Football Australia have highlighted the importance of all roles to be occupied by a healthy percentage of females, whilst also emphasising the responsibility of creating a strong platform for the long-term stability of women’s football.

This resource will provide community football clubs with practical strategies and ‘how to guides’ on the recruitment and continued involvement of female players, coaches, administrators and referees. This guide will help create the ideal environment for females to contribute and prosper in varied roles within the football community.

Every woman and girl in Australia deserves the opportunity to participate in the sport the world loves most.

Football Australia have also included a club checklist to encourage reflection and discussion of current club practices specifically aimed at females. We encourage you to identify key issues that relate to your club and identify strategies that might overcome participation barriers experienced by females.

Throughout the guide we encourage you to reflect on your own club’s objectives and strategies or initiatives that will help you to achieve these objectives.

Women's Football Development Guide

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