Program Manager

The role of the ALDI MiniRoos Kick-Off Program Manager is to manage the overall operation of the Kick-Off programs. This person is an enthusiastic and outgoing person with a love for football.

The ALDI MiniRoos Kick-Off Program Manager is responsible for the overall management and operation of the program, including: 

  • Complete the Site Application Form;
  • Source and organise facility;
  • Source and organise appropriately qualified program leaders;
  • Attend ALDI MiniRoos Briefing Session prior to the commencement of the program;
  • Ensure FFA training requirements have been completed;
  • Confirm program details using the Program Management System;
  • Promote the program locally and through existing networks;
  • Manage the operational aspects of the program, including ordering equipment, program set-up, facility management, and program delivery; and
  • Work with the Member Federation to manage all program enquiries. 

If you meet this criteria and would like to apply to become a Program Manager please complete the Site Application here.

Program Leader

The Program Leader is employed to deliver the ALDI MiniRoos Kick-Off sessions. It is their responsibility to:

  • Plan, prepare, deliver, and review each and every session;
  • Keep the games moving fluently, limiting stoppages and encouraging all players;
  • Create an environment that ensures all players have fun and have maximum involvement; and
  • Be flexible, patient and positive.

If you would like to become an ALDI MiniRoos Program Leader please complete the Expression of Interest Form here.