Are you interested in setting up an MiniRoos Kick-Off program?

Below are the benefits of running a program and what it entails:

  • Attract new players to your club in a National program;
  • Receive a Deliverer Kit to get you started (balls, goals, cones, bibs);
  • Free MiniRoos Coaching Certificates;
  • Coaching support via Session and Activity guides;
  • Administrative support from your MiniRoos Development Officer;
  • Support from the Program Manager User Guide;
  • Provide a positive experience to help kids develop social and fundamental skills.

Next steps?

1. New to Kick-Off? Fill out an MiniRoos Kick-Off Application Form.

2. Already set  up a Kick-Off Site? Fill out the Program Form.

3. Or contact your MiniRoos Development Officers:

Member Federation

MDO Contact


Capital Football

Kelly Stirton
Football South Australia

Jake Brindley

Tiarn Powell

Football Victoria

Nick Hatzoglou

Football Northern Territory

Paula Da Costa
Football New South Wales

Kevin Amaya

Cameron Whitton

Football Queensland

Zachary Born 

Football Tasmania

Alby Hooper

Football West Lisa Byrne
Northern NSW Football

Annelise Rosnell

Alex Lowe


To view the MiniRoos Kick-Off Terms and Conditions click here.