MiniRoos Kick-Off Program Benefits

By design, MiniRoos Kick-Off creates lots of opportunities for both participants, looking for a soft-entry point into the game, and also clubs who are interested in increasing capacity and welcoming new faces into their club. This page will tell you more about the benefits of running a program and what it entails. 

As a parent, what are the benefits of signing up your children for a Kick-Off program?

  • Make new friends and develop social skills. 
  • Develop values of teamwork, co-operation, fair play, and respect for others. 
  • Develop a child's ability to make quick decisions and improve reaction time.
  • Keep healthy by getting active. 

As a club, what will you gain by running an Kick-Off program?

  • Attract new players to your club in a nationally advertised program
  • A Deliverer Kit (balls, goals, cones, bibs) to get you started
  • Coaching support manuals and weekly session plans as part of the MiniRoos Session Guide
  • Full support from your state MiniRoos Junior Program Officer and Football Australia
  • Marketing collateral to assist the promotion of your program
  • Enjoy a rewarding experience helping kids develop social and physical skills.
  • Develop personal skills such as managing people and time management.
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For more information on MiniRoos Kick-Off, and how it can benefit you or your club, please reach out to your relevant state MiniRoos Junior Programs Officer -




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